Plot 3, Yemi Onileowo Street, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Fortelogistique. [ LOGISTICS WEBSITE ]

Fortelogistique: a company providing tracking and logistics services.

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IMT Computers Ikeja. [ TRAINING WEBSITE ]

IMT Computers Ikeja. is a training institution located at Ikeja lagos

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Ogudoro Benjamin & Co. [ Account Consulting Website]

Ogudoro Benjamin & Co. Nigerian group of professional chatered Accountants.

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Estate Finder. Property Listing [ Real Estate Website]

Estate Finder. Property Listing for real estate businesses

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PAMS. [ Real Estate Information System ]

PAMS. a web application for real estate information management ]

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Forte Dispatch [ Android and IOS App]

Forte Dispatch an android and IOS application for dispatch operations

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Forte Tracker [Android and IOS Tracking App]

Forte Tracker is Android and IOS Tracking Application for logistics]

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TBGSL [ IT infrastructure Website]

TBGSL Limited is a company handling IT infrastructure

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OFMAX NG [ ATM Services Website]

OFMAX NG provides quality services on ATM Technology

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FIBER ACADEMY [ Fiber Optics Online Training Website ]

FIBEROPTICACADEMY Fiber Optics Online Training Website

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Silvertouch Concrete [Interior Design Website]

Silvertouch Concrete a company into interior Exterior Design

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ECS [Enterprise Application Desktop]

An Application that check for fake cards.

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Your Business is Our Focus

Our focus is on the business of the clients and their customers. Our client centric business model is what differentiates us from other companies and institutions. Ensuring that the needs of our clients remain our priority while creating value; providing service in the most effective manner with our accumulated knowledge and technology, enabling them to benefit financially and with regards to their social responsibilities; continually improving the quality of our services and products.

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